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Cobra’s Snake Bite

Cannell vs. Morales in Broker Boxing

March 14, 2005
The Date:
March 10, 2005

The Location:
Navy Pier’s Grand Ballroom, Chicago, IL

The Event:
Carly “Twin Cobras” Cannell v. Michele Morales** in Broker Boxing Night III

The Scene:
2,000 people circle the ring. Snakes fly in the air. Cannell and Morales enter.

CleverSPIN’s snake pit crew, wearing their custom uniform, filled the crowd with sticky snakes to support their fighter. The crew leads the crowd in cheers.

The bet is on. An unknown cobra-fan lays down a $2,000 wager for Cannell to win. The announcer finds a match for Morales in the crowd. The fight begins.

Round 1:
The Cobra’s fists of fury comes out. The cobra-fan increases his wager to $3,000.

Round 2:
Cannell is holding up and returning Morales’ punches.

Final Round:
Morales’ Golden Glove training comes into swing and Cannell begins to feel the flu.

The judges deliberate for a long time and then the verdict...

Morales wins--City of Hope’s cancer research picks up an additional $3,000--and Cannell still finds the energy to wave to the crowd.

During post celebration with her crew, Cannell has to leave. She is k.o.’d by the flu.

Lights out.

** It was previously reported that Carly Cannell of cleverSPIN was to fight Rachael Grey. But before the event, Grey withdrew and Cannell was left without an opponent. Maybe it was out of desperation or just the love of self-abuse, but Cannell actually helped recruit Morales, who is currently training for Golden Gloves.
At the last minute, Michelle graciously agreed to step into the ring and punch Carly for Cancer. We wanted to dislike the girl that was hitting our Carly, but she was just too sweet.
Linda Wallack
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