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What Happens in Vegas… Eventually Ends Up On The Web

September 21, 2004
Every day high paid executives tote off to bed and breakfast retreats to hold hands and share their feelings to better unify their team. CleverSPIN followed suit and departed on a retreat of their own.

In a world where design has seemingly no boundaries and inspiration can be pulled as easily as a one armed bandit; where your imagination runs on overdrive to the possibilities that can be—yes, my friend, you have arrived in Las Vegas.

You have been "comped" a designer's paradise—and nightmare—all wrapped up in one golden nugget.

CleverSPIN shed their buttoned-up professionalism to roll around in the multi-sensory texture known as Sin City. Days were filled with negotiation seminars while the night was occupied by the dance arts. Many often forget that Vegas is in a desert... but not these Clever folks. “It's very important to remain hydrated," states Linda Wallack, "and water is very limited.” Thus, other clear, water like liquids were consumed at record pace, as “survival of the fittest” became a lifesaving motto.

“This trip is about building our team work and trust,” Carly Cannell explains. “What better way to build trust than to spend 72 hours in Vegas together?”

When one young member was asked what lessons were learned amongst the glitz and the glam, he only had one thing to say: “Green is for the money and gold is for the honeys.”

And with that, the spotlight dims and all exit stage left.
What better way to build trust than to spend 72 hours in Vegas together?
Carly Cannell
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