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Icons: New and Improved

December 15, 2002
Face it: we’re adorable. Inspired by their good looks and wowing personalities, graphic designer Kevin Reed ripens the cleverSPIN image. The new icons celebrate everyone’s individualism and charming characteristics. “It’s difficult to keep up with the girls’ dye jobs,” Jamie Kemmerer of cleverSPIN explains, “but for now, we’re right on target.” Due to the challenging economic times we live with, cleverSPINners agreed to maintain a close resemblance to their new icons, going as far as signing contracts with their hairdressers. “We can’t be trusted with Manic Panic in the room,” says Linda Wallack, “but we will try and maintain some control in order to preserve our brand.”

It’s difficult to keep up with the girls’ dye jobs, but for now, we’re right on target.
Jamie Kemmerer
cleverSPIN 1115 w. belmont avenue, suite 2f 773 293 0500