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cleverSPIN Completes Caps Locker Room

November 8, 2002
The Washington Capitals acquired the Chicago based design firm cleverSPIN, to transform the Washington, DC’s MCI Center locker rooms into a sensory haven.

The generic locker rooms, home for the Capitals since they moved to the MCI Center in 1998, lacked identity and energy. The design goal was to give them a brighter, dynamic space that allowed them to display the successes of the current players and the history of past team members. Lead designer, Kevin “Eric” Estrada, integrated color elements of the Capitals’ logo by using the blue to brighten the space and the red as accents to create intensity and passion.

The north side contains large photographs showing the team in celebration and historical references to the Capital’s successes and past team members. The south side consists of large back-lit etched glass panels which illuminate personal awards and achievements of players past and present.
cleverSPIN 1115 w. belmont avenue, suite 2f 773 293 0500