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60,000 sf Headquarters

Trizec Properties

May 2005
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Trizec Properties is one of the largest owners of commercial property in the United States. When an opportunity arose to unite Trizec’s Chicago headquarters staff, cleverSPIN was selected for its unique approach and custom design solutions.

CleverSPIN blended methodical review and analysis with personal dialogue to produce a key findings report that identified change opportunities, both spatial and cultural. A multitude of lost communication opportunities, two distinct cultures, and a sense of disparity among staff emerged as topmost challenges, together with a wide range of functional imperatives.

Architectural Equality. It was very important to Trizec to convey a sense of equality and respect to all employees. To achieve these aims, cleverSPIN’s architecture boldly opened up the perimeter, nesting workstations within varied neighborhood environments around the sunlit periphery. Offices, greatly reduced in number, are primarily situated around the building core. The use of glass walls for the offices provides a visual sense of equal accessibility and allows for natural illumination. Workstation and office size standards were developed and new furniture was selected to ensure a consistent image and design across all departments. While a radical reversal of the typical office layout, the turnabout was the best way to achieve Trizec’s diverse spatial, cultural and work improvement goals.

All in all, cleverSPIN seamlessly merged the two environments into a varied business culture: professional with energetic, casual behavior.

Design Zones
CleverSPIN approached the design by breaking down the space
into three experience zones: individual, team and public.

Comfort: The Individual Zone. Creating an employee-friendly environment was a crucial commitment for Trizec. The mobile and adaptable furniture system make it possible for staff to arrange their personal work area in line with their own preferences and daily responsibilities.

Superior, easy-to-use ergonomic products were chosen to ensure greater comfort for everyone—adjustable height tables, a specially designed keyboard tray, and a state-of-the-art “intuitive” chair.

Dynamic: The Team Zone. CleverSPIN’s planning restored departmental adjacencies, seating all department members together with their managers and placing groups near one another that often collaborate. The new spatial arrangement noticeably impacts effectiveness, providing maximum exposure to other groups, and conveys an ambiance of different disciplines working side-by-side.

To break the mold, cleverSPIN tactically carved casual interactive work zones into the space, away from the core offices. These include two-person huddle spaces, comfortable sofa-chair arrangements, and larger collaboration areas with network access. Enclosing the larger spaces with low walls and sound-absorbing dropped-ceilings clearly protect interactive work areas from being commandeered as offices, staying true to its overarching goals of greater collaboration.

All together, cleverSPIN interspersed 15 comfortable, high-performance collaborative spaces within the blueprint, significantly increasing both formal and informal opportunities for team interaction. At the same time, there is ample access to private space when quiet and confidentiality are in order.

Intersection: The Public Zone. A great deal of attention was focused on the common areas to express Trizec’s belief that great achievements are made possible through interaction, debate, common purpose and a shared goal. This aspiration is well reflected in the centerpiece of the layout—a non-traditional reception area that also functions as an interactive, multi-purpose space and the crossroads of the company.

Inviting and functional, the spacious reception area conveys the modern, understated image that pervades Trizec’s new offices. Discrete blocks of dropped-ceiling dramatically open up to reveal the ceiling two floors above and a broad bank of windows exposes a river view.

An elegant, monumental glass stairway indivisibly links the company’s two floors from this active intersection, directly to the lunchroom, the second common place which also benefits from a prime setting along the perimeter with a city-river view.

CleverSPIN created an exceptional setting at 10 S. Riverside to spark the evolution of a fresh, interactive culture. The entire process—from research to installation to the final move—was completed swiftly, in just over a year.

At 60,000 square feet, Trizec’s new location occupies less space, yet it doesn’t feel smaller because it’s smarter. By actively engaging with cleverSPIN’s strategic, holistic approach, Trizec achieved multiple, far-reaching objectives and successfully unified its corporate operations in a stunning, high performance environment.
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