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Summer Learning Calendar 2004 - Food Fun

American Federation of Teachers

May 2004
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The American Federation of Teachers develops an annual Summer Learning Calendar online to facilitate continuous learning on one given subject. The calendar provides weekly lessons to help kids explore the theme. Previously, the site was managed using manual methods and the content was tied to that year’s design.

CleverSPIN began by developing a content management system that enables the AFT to automate the rotation of lessons and allows them to create a richer web of interrelated content, creating hundreds of page combinations to spark the imagination. Most importantly, the AFT can now use one tool to manage a revolving cycle of themes for future calendars, allowing staff to focus on enhancing content without the hassle of managing the technical infrastructure.

CleverSPIN has designed the interface for the 2004 and 2005 calendars, developed several educational games, and created a publication to promote the site.
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