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7,000 sf MCI Locker Room

Washington Capitals

Fall 2002
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The Washington Capitals, Washington DC’s NHL hockey team, requested cleverSPIN to breathe new life into its MCI Center locker room, similar to the energized space the team created in the Capitals’ headquarters.

cleverSPIN transformed the poorly lit, gray and uninspiring space into a charged, game-ready atmosphere. cleverSPIN improved the lighting levels and added the ability to adjust light intensity and direction. Concrete block walls were covered in check-resistant drywall and painted white to brighten up the corridors and rooms. Red soffits and carpet strips were incorporated with Stanley Cup graphics to signify the passion of achieving hockey’s greatest trophy.

The space celebrates the success of past Capitals players and offers inspiration for current ones. Records and awards are respectfully displayed on backlit glass panels, creating a sophisticated wall of fame; a place of pride for all those that reside.
cleverSPIN 1115 w. belmont avenue, suite 2f 773 293 0500