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American Federation of Teachers

130,000 sf National Headquarters

June 2002
Architecture & Interior Design Services
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The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and Wallack have worked together on the phased renovation of the union’s national headquarters for several years.

cleverSPIN’s most recent renovation on the fourth floor incorporates the design goals established at the beginning of the overall project, including ergonomic concerns, environmental and life safety issues, increasing technology, communication, teamwork, and flexibility.

AFT requested a multi-use, high-tech conference center that could hold small groups and have a large room to seat over 200 people. cleverSPIN utilized a large, sliding glass wall to separate an atrium space from three meeting rooms. When the glass wall and partitions are open, the atrium and three rooms becomes a seating area for a large audience with visual access to the stage and four projection screens.
cleverSPIN 1115 w. belmont avenue, suite 2f 773 293 0500