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Workplace Strategy Reveals Design Options

January 17, 2007
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Clarifying Goals
CleverSPIN partnered with Cushman & Wakefield’s Workplace Portfolio Solutions group to assist one of their clients, a global technology research and consulting firm, assess their national real estate portfolio. Together we worked towards developing an innovative Real Estate Solution to reduce costs and optimize use of real estate assets. This included establishing a strategy to re-design branch offices to reflect the new way of working and reflect an updated image to attract both top talent and customers.

Understanding Workplace Performance
In order to identify trends that we could generalize across the entire client portfolio, we engaged in a pilot study to examine operations, location and workplace performance at three client offices. The pilot offices were selected as being representative of the greater portfolio. CleverSPIN’s focus centered on tackling the workplace performance aspect of the project. This assessment consisted of three major components: 1) live business activity interviews with local management, 2) online employee-wide workplace performance surveys, and 3) live observation and time utilization analysis. Each aspect of our assessment contributed to a greater understanding of how the overall business objectives impacted the pilot location, plus how the space supported or hindered the work processes—both perceived and observed.

Unveiling the Options
With the goal of creating an innovative Real Estate Solution that enhanced employee productivity while utilizing real estate assets most effectively, cleverSPIN summarized our assessment findings into specific action items that were linked to key recommendations. Aspects of the recommendations covered issues such as communication + branding, teaming, and adaptability. These recommendations were then applied to plans of the pilot offices to illustrate how the recommended concepts could be applied to a larger portfolio standard. In conjunction with the labor and real estate market analysis conducted by Cushman & Wakefield, we were able to provide the client with clear guidelines on how to implement an Innovative Workplace Program, enabling real estate to play a major strategic role in contributing to the organization’s business strategy.
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