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The Mohawk Group

June 12, 2006
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The Mohawk Group (TMG), the leading producer and distributor of flooring worldwide, came to cleverSPIN with the challenge of reviving their showroom space and showcasing five brands for NeoCon 2006. Brands within TMG include Karastan Commercial, Durkan Commercial, Mohawk Commercial, Durkan Hospitality and Bigelow Commercial - each requiring equal product display. Having collaborated with cleverSPIN for nearly 3 years on product development for both Lees Carpets and Durkan Commercial, they knew cleverSPIN had the ability to achieve their showroom goals.

Look Inside and Say Ahhh
The substance of TMG’s message is dedicated to sustainable design. Their long history of performance and continual investment in sustainable technologies and practices - qualities that have built customer loyalty and trust - makes them environmental leaders in their industry.

The existing showroom came with several challenges including minimal opportunity for product display, storage needs, little distinction between brands, and a challenging circulation path to draw visitors through the entire showroom. The direction from TMG was to show more product, provide a clear distinction between the five divisions, be flexible in the display system, improve circulation all while maintaining the existing architectural layout.

Inside Out for Sustainability
Intimate with the company and impressed with their practices, cleverSPIN's goal was to clearly communicate the TMG identity to unify the 5 brands within one space. CleverSPIN’s first step was to define an image for The Mohawk Group and apply that identity to the showroom experience. This exploration led to the showroom’s theme “Inside-Out”, a phrase created to demonstrate TMG's approach to developing smart flooring choices with an improving aesthetic.

"Inside" is a reference to TMG's internal qualities of performance, trust and sustainable practices, while "Out" refers to the face-lift of several TMG product lines - a tribute to TMG's dedication to remain a design leader in the industry."Inside Out" is relevant in 2006 because The Mohawk Group was breaking ground in both sustainable technologies (inside) and several new well designed beautiful product introductions (out). Historically know for the "Smart" products, cleverSPIN confidently positioned TMG to celebrate the "Pretty" and "Smart"

Getting Down and Pretty
Retaining the existing structure, cleverSPIN organized the showroom by experience opportunities. Using a combination of wall graphics and product layout, the corporate and product messages were woven into the flow of the space. The communications representing TMG's dedication to sustainability was high-lighted in the center of the space by utilizing existing storage room cubes, while TMG's partnership with the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation received added exposure by the placement of an adjacent lounge area. CleverSPIN positioned the brand areas utilizing the entire showroom, rather than in a limited area as they had been in the past, thus improving circulation throughout.

To define individual brand experiences while showcasing multiple collections of product, cleverSPIN designed moveable carpet display fixtures. Flexible and multi-functional, the displays defined individual zones for each of the brands, displayed new product and product literature and provided a featured surface to graphically communicate how each brand relates to the overall sustainability story.

CleverSPIN reorganized the product areas to showcase each brand's lines and colors. The entrance to the showroom was shifted to allow for improved traffic flow, and previous problem areas became opportunities for interesting designs. The Durkan "tube", for example, took advantage of a once awkward narrow space by transforming it into a twisted opportunity for color and pattern - featuring inspiration from cleverSPIN's Mind, Body, Soul Collection on the floor, walls and ceiling.

It Pays to be the Full Package
With over 3000 guests passing through the show and a record number of hits on TMG's` showroom webcast, the space proved it has something for everybody. CleverSPIN found it easy to celebrate people who make "green" an industry practice, not a product offering. That's the confidence that comes from the Inside/Out.
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