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July 10, 2006
Architecture & Interior Design Services
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Website & Design Services
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Xenophon Strategies is a full-service strategic communications firm specializing in public relations, crisis communications and government affairs. Xenophon Strategies has a proven record ranging from implementing large-scale media relations and public affairs campaigns to preparing for and responding to major crisis events, their capabilities and services are consistently recognized as industry-leading and innovative.

Xenophon Strategies wanted to develop the next generation of their website to better showcase the company they had evolved into. In addition to more accurately reflecting Xenophon's successes and expanded capabilities the new website needed to be more timely in conveying new national press articles, news releases and recent case studies.

cleverSPIN worked with Xenophon Strategies using an iterative design process which ultimately resulted in a graphic rich website which successfully highlights Xenophon's most important messages and success stories. Using GeekPak cleverSPIN developed a dynamic website that changes with each visit while squarely focusing on Xenophon's key messages and success stories. Visitors can quickly view essential not to be missed snapshots on the home page, or delve deeply into any of Xenophon's success stories by exploring the richly interconnected content provided by GeekPak. In addition, the use of GeekPak enables Xenophon to take full control of their website allowing them to make more complete and timely content updates than they were previously able to achieve.
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