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6500 sf Renovation

Spring 2004
Architecture & Interior Design Services
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CleverSPIN's design team has been working with Chevron's government relations office for over 10 years. A member of the original design team for the space, Linda Wallack has been updating and revising Chevron's office space since 1990 as their needs changed.

In 2002 cleverSPIN assisted Chevron's audiovisual design team with renovating Chevron's existing conference room. With Chevron's new corporate standards for video conferencing cleverSPIN rotated the layout of the room and design the space to meet lighting and sound requirements.

In 2004 cleverSPIN designed expansion offices and a new video ready conference room for Chevron. cleverSPIN also responded to Chevron's new ergonomic needs by specifying ergonomic additions to existing workstations that were originally design for typewriter usage.
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