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See Chicago Dance

September 6, 2005
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The Chicago based PR firm Carol Fox & Associates developed a plan to increase ticket sales for Chicago’s dance companies: A one-stop website introducing prospective audiences to all dance forms and performance venues using photography, video previews, and detailed descriptions. Enter:

Lose the Highbrow, Get Butts in Seats.
Dance performance marketing is a unique challenge. Companies need to appeal to the general public simplifying the artistry of a performance. See Chicago Dance could provide a gallery designed with mass-market appeal introducing new audiences to dance; allowing dance companies to retain their artistic integrity

When Disciplines Merge—Ideas are Born.
Partnering with cleverSPIN the team developed several tools to make this happen. The project began with creating an appealing entertainment brand that would be developed into a full service web site to educate, entertain, and build a new community.

Staying on Point – The Mark
A mark was created to have maximum legibility across a myriad of applications. It had to dance without stepping on the toes of the companies it would support. The “dot” was created. Encircled in an expressive stroke, the type danced in size and weight revealing a second meaning: “See… Go Dance.” Two shades of green were selected to keep the mark bright and fresh. The logo was easily turned into a button: handed out to registered users, the mark made an appearance all over the city.

A Community United – The Site supports all dance companies, all styles, and every venue from the Atheneum to the corner of State and Jackson. Ticket sales and promotions would need to be maintained by the community it represented. cleverSPIN used the custom components of its open-content management system,
GeekPak, to form the perfect system.

A seemingly simple user interface prompted promoters to upload photos, videos, and details easily. Once uploaded, the information was automatically dispersed through the digital galleries allowing guests to access information based on their interests. An invisible layer of approvals allowed Carol Fox & Associates to approve content before going live. Using
GeekPak allowed custom promotions to be generated simply. GeekPak also made it easy for E-blasts, Newsletters, and “See Chicago Dance and Save” to be added to the repertoire of technology tools.

The Show Must Go On launched with enormous buzz. The brand experience and technology interface allowed new programs and opportunities to present themselves. In six months had sold 800 “hot deal” tickets, $10,000 in advertising and had over 5000 subscribers. See, Go Dance!
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