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Lees Carpets: Product 2Faced

Have it Both Ways

Neocon 2005
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Technology + Inspiration = Carpet
Seeking a fresh, youthful, and original outlook, Lees Carpet, the highly innovative top-tier manufacturer, selected cleverSPIN as its close collaborator in the design and launch of Product 2Faced.

The original product concept allowed for a dual shift in color depending on the angle of one’s view. cleverSPIN extended the concept to patterns that shifted with environmental intuitiveness and developed 12 fiber-color palettes that imitated reflected color—fluctuating with light and contrast.

But Will the Carpet Match the Drapes?
After revolutionizing the existing function of carpet, the team was charged to invent a brand that demonstrated the expectations of this new product. A name, logo, tagline and key message that aptly captures the playful dual personality of the product was created. Injecting a comic sense of double-talk into all the pattern and color names (like Still Moving and Act Natural) completed the brand tone.

When it came to product presentation, revealing the illusion proved tricky. A mirror neatly did the trick in ads, visuals, and sales demonstrations. To enhance product sales, Cleverspin compiled a highly practical yet inventive sales kit starting with standard product information and adding buzzwords, key phrases and sales tips.

Show Us Your Carpet!
cleverSPIN designed the 2Faced showroom at the Neo-Con® 2005 World’s Trade Fair for full-impact—to instantly and vividly show the product’s multi-valent faces. Working its magic in limited space with horizontal and vertical mirrors, cleverSPIN took a length of carpeting off the floor, winding it along a short side–wall to achieve a dimensional and highly experiential effect. A double-sided, two-color wristband was devised as a giveaway reminder of the carpet’s shifty quality, while the launch party invitation merrily celebrated the duality with an upside-down theme.
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