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What’s My Score

Responsible Credit Partnership

January 10, 2006
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The Responsible Credit Partnership, part of the Saint Paul Foundation, is an organization dedicated to educating new consumers how to effectively manage credit, as well as promoting best practices within the credit card industry. At the forefront of this mission is a campaign targeted specifically at college students, What's My Score.

When the What's My Score program first launched, all the information was in place, but it still needed a compelling image that the audience could identify with. cleverSPIN reviewed existing print and video materials and refined the look and feel into a more complete brand, better suited for a variety of media formats.

Rebuilt using GeekPak, allowing RCP complete control over future updates, the new website is centered around an interface and content geared towards the needs and sensibilities of the college-aged consumer. The What's My Score website ties together a large repository of credit information in an approachable, usable and entertaining central point, allowing maximum gain with minimum time invested by its visitors.
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